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Memphis Roofing Services

Residential and Commercial Roofing…

Metro Builders of Memphis offers commercial roofing systems that cover and protect your company’s commercial or industrial possessions. Metro Builders Commercial Roofing installs energy efficient roofing options. 

Roofing is our specialty. Whether it is a home or a business, we have you covered! As GAF Certified Roofing Contractors, we pledge to insure that each customer receives our “best and safest choice” in roofing.

Your company may need total roof replacement, have a leak or extensive repair due to weather and wind. Our team of trained and licensed professionals works diligently to get your repair or replacement finished in a timely manner without disrupting your business. For more information on commercial roofing repair or replacement please call us today.

Types of Roofing Materials Explained


These are systems mechanically attached or adhered to the roof deck of a commercial building. Available in 45, 60 and 80 mil thickness. All seams and penetrations are jointed using hot air welding to form a homogeneous system. Most roofs are installed using the white surface color, but other colors are available.

Just the Facts

  • a cool roof
  • Recyclable
  • No open flame or smell during installation
  • TPO (Thermo Plastic Olefin)
  • Commercial


These are the roofs typically seen on residential homes. A composition roof is simply an asphalt shingle roof. There are three different types of composition roofs – 3 Tab, Laminated, and Premium. Three Tab shingles are an economical choice and meets all general roofing and fire resistance standards.

Laminated shingles are a step up from 3 Tabs. They have an additional layer of tabs that make the shingles thicker and give them a more dimensional look to your roof than a 3 Tab shingle would. Premium shingles are going to be the most durable shingles. They have more visual definition than laminated shingles. There are many manufacturers of asphalt shingles.

Each manufacturer offers comparable styles, colors, and warranties. We have the experience installing all brands and types of asphalt shingles available on the market today.

Just the Facts

  • Laminated, consisting of 2 or more layers
  • Life expectancy: 20 to 50 years
  • Some types are made from recycled material
  • Many colors available
  • Highest quality materials


Water leaks and storm damage cause many problems for Mid-South home owners and businesses. Metro Builders, Inc. can handle any repairs from temporary fixes to full replacements. Any shingle replacement, malfunction in manufactured products, leaks, wind damage, hail damage are all things that we cover. We have a Licensed Insurance Adjuster on hand to assess all damages and submit to your insurance company for claims.

Just the Facts

  • Free Estimates
  • Storm Damages
  • Water Leaks
  • Hail or wind damage
  • Certified Licensed Insurance Adjuster on staff

Contact us for roof repair

Our experienced team knows Memphis construction, and is committed to handling every job, whether small or large, with complete dedication and an eye to quality.

Need an estimate? We would be pleased to hear from you! Just tell us what your needs and questions are, Call us or email today for your free estimate. 901-375.1717